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Hildegard Interview Sebastian Lieuw

Wie die Allmacht Gottes zur Freiheit fhrt - Das Glaubensbekenntnis von Nica 2. Teil-1.jpg
A opening presentation on the virtues of life taught by Hildegard von Bingen at the International Hildegard medicine conference, Konstanz (Germany), 2016. ©copyright, Sebastian Liew, 2016

Let’s look at peace from a holistic perspective – body, mind and soul.

The word peace in Chinese is 和 平. The first character is a combination of grain and the mouth which means to have food to eat and the second character is a symbol of a balance. First of all we need to make sure everyone has a means to earn a decent living without discrimination and with just distribution of food.

Our late founding prime minister believed that we need to take care of the stomach first before we talk about individual rights and ideology. This is implemented in various policies to ensure all citizens regardless of race, gender, religion and culture can have the means and equal opportunity to earn a decent living and own their own homes.
This I believe is one of the secrets of harmony in Singapore, despite being a small country and without any natural resources. You probably cannot find us in the map.

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